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Luca Sandri
Luca Sandri

50 years have passed since my father Sandri Sandro founded the Scatolificio del Garda® which produced boxes for shoes.
Today, the food packaging takes its place with the total transformation of the production, technological and mental apparatus of the company. In this sense, I feel proud to present my company as the result of the stubbornness, strength and determination of the Veronese entrepreneurship.

Life is made up of satisfactions, disappointments, decisions but above all of people. People you deal with in everyday life or you know only once and they leave you something.


With these principles and convictions we have created a team of people who follow a single common goal while maintaining their personalities, thanks to the achievement of quality, guarantee, dynamism and speed of execution; that team has been able to give credibility to the company Scatolificio Del Garda bringing its name up high.
Switching to the production of food packaging knowing where we came from was like resetting everything: production, mentality and above all availability. We’ve to be ready in every moment because the food market is always evolving and looking for new things.
This is why we started looking for new machinery and new materials to produce innovative items. Since the 1990s we offer the first biodegradable and compostable containers to the market, demonstrating our readiness for change and future challenges. Today our Bioplat® brand is recognized everywhere as a reference for the biodegradable and eco-sustainable food packaging line. You will see throw our catalog that SDG always take care about quality and eco-sustainability.
The various certifications we possess allow us to give a guarantee and credibility answer to the needs of all customers in the food sector.

Finally, I like to remember our company motto which represents once more what was said at the beginning:


Luca Sandri
SDG President

Scatolificio del Garda is a leader company in the production of disposable tableware for food with generic graphics, private labels and customized with brands.

With 7 product lines - from traditional to biodegradable:

we offer a reliable solution to the quality requirements of materials, processing safety and product hygiene required by the food and catering industry.

The processing cycle is completely internal to the company: from the purchase of raw materials, to all stages of technical processing, delivery in Italy and abroad.
Each of our customers is followed with attention and availability by offering them a reliable and personalized, fast and safe service.

Important international brands in the food sector ask us to follow the production of their customized packaging since years. Today we operate on an area of over 60.000 square meters, with about 20.000 covered, a few kilometers from the A4 MI-VE and A22 Modena - Brenner junction.

For more detailed information on the ranges of our products and our processing capabilities, you can contact the Quality / Research and Development department, or the Sales Department