Production Cycle

Each product is the fruit of an intense and specialised work, designed with reasoning and experience, using the best raw materials and most innovative technologies with an aim to quality and continuous improvement.

SDG Productive cycle
SDG Productive cycle

1 - Project analysis

In this initial phase the customer requirements are evaluated according to our experience to obtain a working process aimed at the best quality/price ratio. Therefore, the technical and graphic aspects are defined, with the choice of materials and colours and realisation of the work program that defines the features of the batches, the times and the methods of their production and delivery.

2 - Graphic preview

It is a delicate component of the entire productive chain. With the best graphic software and hardware, we electronically compose the system realising a print test directly on the real support chosen by the customer. The processings are submitted to customers for approval and the print slabs are subsequently produced with CTP technology allowing to directly transfer the graphic file from the computers to the slabs themselves.

3 - Print process

The digital boards guiding the work of the print machines are obtained from the slabs, guaranteeing a constant quality from the first to the last sheet. Print is realised with the most modern 6 colour Roland + paint, from where the printed product comes out already perfectly dry and ready for successive processing. The printed material, if necessary, it can be plasticised with film certified for food use and the processing is completely carried out in-house.

4 - Die

The printed sheet is worked with die-cast realised with laser with zero tolerance thanks to modern digital control machines. Precision in this phase is absolute to realise a product 100% conform to the characteristics requested by the customer.

5 - Processing

The die-cast product now enters the last production phase, taking its definitive look. Laminating, thermo-forming, folding and gluing are the different processings carried out by the machines and last generation equipment able to package the products at very high speed (up to 12,000 pc/h), guided by highly specialised staff. Some of these machines have been designed and realised exclusively for SDG to be able to offer special and exclusive processings.

6 - Storage and logistics

The final product is packaged according to customer specifications and further packaged on pallets. It is then stacked in storages from where the couriers leave, selected for punctuality and reliability, to reach the customer storages in Italy and in the world. A storage of stock, even wide, is offered to satisfy the "just in time" production requirements.

7 - The consumer

The final aim is to satisfy not only our direct customer, but the consumer also that always requests hygienically guaranteed containers, of high quality and sturdiness and pleasant to look at. A common objective that ensures that between SDG SpA and its customers a real partnership establishes, that sees the two realities side by side on an increasingly more dynamic and competitive market.